Version 4.06 of Google Apps Device Policy is now available for your Android users with the following improvements:

– Multiple Account support: Google Apps Device Policy app allows users to register with multiple Google Apps domains.

– New supported settings for Android in the Google Apps control panel Settings > Mobile > Org Settings:

  • Number of days before password expires for Android 3.0+
  • Number of expired passwords that are blocked for Android 3.0+
  • Allow/block camera for Android 4.0+
  • NOTE: If a Google Apps domain is enforcing policies that are not supported by a user’s Android device, the affected users will be blocked from accessing their accounts. Learn more about enforcing device policies.

    Editions included:

    Google Apps for Business, Government and Education

    Languages included:

    All languages supported

    How to access what’s new:

    Download Device Policy on Google Play

    For more information:

    Device Policy Administration

    Device Policy Overview for Users

    Mobile Management: Org Settings

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